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Good morning to you …

I have began my Yoga practice again this week. My therapy of body, mind and soul. The body is getting older, more fragile and quickly suffers from neglect.

Everything is possible! Start slow, progress as you can, and just release.


The last couple of months, well years in fact, have been quite stressful, filled with loss. If you are feeling lost, find your balance, find your center. The loss remains, find the memories that make you smile, find your happy place with the loss, go there for peace.


I miss mom & dad so much … so for them, I shall take care of me, they would not want me to wither in sorrow, some day I will be with them again.


Find your space, a room with quiet, aromatic essence, soft music and you…



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Fraktur Tulip Heart



Good day my friends!..

I am so excited to offer my first original design for needle punch, Fraktur Tulip Heart.

I have mastered the PDF file creation and it wasn’t that bad to jump into.

It is only being offered via a downloadable PDF file.  Should you be interested in purchasing the design it is offered in my Etsy shop, you can find it here.

Just look at these adorable designs by Stacy Nash Primitives 👇👇👇👇👇

Paisley and Whittaker

I think I might just have to purchase these and add them to my project list!

Check out Lori Brechlin’s … ~ Claudia Cluck ~ how adorable!


All of these little animal creations are just wonderful!


For inspiration and reflection today, may I suggest..






Happenstance ..

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Someone asked me if losing your parents changes you, yes it does, life changes you. She said that she had seen a change in me over the last couple of years.

Living changes you.  Every emotion, every challenge, every loss, every joy, changes you. Every fork in the road changes you, and not just you, but events in another ones life journey changes you as well, it is felt in so many ways. It is the ability to recognize these moments so clearly now that have changed me. Some people see it sooner, some later, some never, for me it is the clarity that, it is not all about you. You are not the only one.

Regrets, oh my yes I have those. But I see those regrets so differently today. Before they brought anger and resentment to the point that you wished things had never happened. That if only I had not made that decision. Do I believe that everything happens for a reason, generally yes I do. You are a moment in journeys that you are never aware of. That moment when someone bumps into you in the checkout, more than likely it has a purpose. Choose kindness, not anger, always. I know that now. 

Happenstance .. this I do believe, things that happen by chance, there is a trail of this in my life. Not always the best decisions in all eyes, but there always seems to be fate, that element of chance. These moments have been so strongly thought of in recent days, I feel such need to share them, they bring sadness and joy, shame and pain, they are my journey.

‘In the Fall of 1983, I stood in an employment line at a local factory for over 3 1/2 hours, it was the first time they took applications on site, I remember a police officer handing me an application and telling me to take it home, fill it out and mail it in. Wow after that amount of time and seeing all those people, my sentiment was, ‘It will be a cold day in Hell before I get a job there.’ I almost didn’t fill that application out. But I did, and got an interview, just so happens the administrative manager said I reminded her of her friend out of state, that cold day in Hell had arrived (and lasted for 26 years). New job, new money, had to get a new car, well we dealt for this car for weeks, kept going back. This was the car we had to have, yes it was the car of the accident. This was a time that I questioned everything, alone in my grief, and unhappy, for so many years. At this job is where I would meet Ron.  Things just happen sometimes, they cause pain, anger, unintentionally. Life, there is divorce of two families and a remarriage. There is my daughter, who I know lives with pain and freedom. Now there are beautiful grandchildren, and families, so many. I am sorry for the pain, but ask that you see the joy in where these lives are today.  Now go back in this paragraph and choose a place to change a decision, and realize that everything after that decision might be gone. I believe this to be Happenstance .. it is not an excuse for anything, only a possibility. I hope you will look back at your life, see these moments and times of lessons learned.

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I have suddenly realized that I have reached the age, that my journey ahead is much shorter than that behind me. I choose to be grateful for the lessons that I have learned, there is no time for anything else. I choose JOY. 

There was a wonderful woman that I worked with for many years. She had a lot of struggles, yet she was always so cheerful, she was always humming sweet music. I’ve known others too with this ability.  I always kind of laughed and thought to myself there is no one that happy.  Today, I found myself humming that sweet music as I made our bed.